7 Criteria for “Eid Sacrifice”

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 July 2022
7 Criteria for “Eid Sacrifice”

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority stressed the importance of observing seven criteria or legal specifications when choosing sacrifices, including “that the sacrifice should be naturally fat, as well as that it responds to all external influences around it, be active, and that its head is at the level of the body, stressing the need to ensure that there are no abnormal secretions from the natural openings and exits of the animal, such as a runny nose, ear, and eye, and other wound abscesses or ulcers.

The authority explained that the criteria or specifications for choosing the sacrifice also include making sure that the animal does not suffer from any difficulties in breathing or swallowing, taking into account that the eyes are bright and free from redness or yellowing and that the animal's wool is soft and firm that is difficult to extract, and finally ensuring that the animal eats feed naturally without any difficulty.

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