7 Jailed for Black Magic, Claim They Were Possessed by Jinn

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 26 July 2023
7 Jailed for Black Magic, Claim They Were Possessed by Jinn

A total of seven people in the UAE were sentenced to six-month prison terms for sorcery and manipulating others. They also received a Dh50,000 fine.

A man stated that he was a victim of the accused' practices, which included making claims that they could "treat people," according to information released by the UAE Public Prosecution on Wednesday.

One of the accused claimed that the "king of the kings of the jinn" that possessed him was "more than 400 years old." The prosecution asserted that the remaining defendants similarly claimed to possess a jinn that had the power to "heal people" inside of them.

Charges of sorcery, fraud, and possession of black magic materials were brought against all seven of them in court. They were eventually given a 6-month prison term and had to pay a Dh50,000 fine with legal fees.

The Public Prosecution reaffirmed that sorcery and dishonesty are crimes subject to severe penalties under Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021, which issued the Law of Crimes and Penalties.

Additionally, the authorities urged residents to report any suspected black magic-related activity.

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