UAE: Celebrity Influencer Jailed & Fined For Reckless Driving Video

  • Publish date: Sunday، 02 May 2021 Last update: Monday، 03 May 2021
UAE: Celebrity Influencer Jailed & Fined For Reckless Driving Video

After video footage emerged of a social media influencer driving at more than 205 kilometers an hour in Abu Dhabi. The influencer has been fined DH100,000 and jailed for months.

It wasn’t only the social media influencer who received this penalty but also someone who was seated in the passenger seat in the luxury car for recording the dangerous stunt and for encouraging the driver to drive recklessly at a dangerous speed on public roads.

The penalty included that both of them have been suspended from driving and using their social media accounts for six months as the car and phones were confiscated.

Footage was deleted by an order from the Abu Dhabi Misdemeanour Court as well as offenders were ordered to close the social media accounts the clip was posted on.

Image Source: Expat Women

A Public Prosecution representative warned that anyone found guilty of willfully committing an act putting the “life, health, security and freedom of people in danger” could expect a prison sentence of up to three years.

The representative made a plea to social media celebrities to behave responsibly when making content to share with followers, who are often teenagers and young adults.

“When celebrities behave like this, they are inciting others to commit similar offences and expose themselves to legal accountability,” the official said.

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