A Dubai Resident Loses AED45,000 to Online Fraudsters

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 April 2021
A Dubai Resident Loses AED45,000 to Online Fraudsters

A Dubai resident lost AED45,000 that she inherited from her late father to online fraudsters.

Timna Sophia, a nanny from Germany, warned others about the dangers of falling victim to online fraudsters. She said the extent of how professional and convicing the online fraudsters at extracting personal details from her was shocking.

Sophia said that the man who called spend more than one hour on the phone and had good English. He went as far as sending SMS messages to authenticate his claims of being a bank worker, including a verification code from a number made to appear as "Dubai Police".

On April 10, a man called Sophia claiming to be from Commercial Bank of Dubai and withdrew AED25K within minutes after a man added himself as a beneficiary.

The first sum of Dh25,000 was transferred to another account at the same bank. Moments later Dh20,000, was transferred to a Mashreq Bank account and withdrawn from an ATM.

“I’ve been left feeling so vulnerable. This money was inheritance that my father left me,” she told The National.

The UAE has always warned residents to stay alert to fraudsters while banks warn their uses from giving 16-digit debit card number and CVV code, the three digit security number on the back of the card. Unfortunately, Sophia has given the 16-digit debit card number as well as the CVV code.

“[The bank] told me that I willingly gave out my details and it was being investigated by the fraud department,” she said.

Image Source: Khaleej Times