Dubai: Report Suspicious Practices Through this Secret Service

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 April 2021
Dubai: Report Suspicious Practices Through this Secret Service
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Dubai Municipality launched a secret service, Amanah, in which residents can report suspicious practices to.

“Amanah’ which operates through the website is a bilingual website lets residents report suspicious activities or bad civic practices by providing their full name, email and mobile number.

“Do you have doubts about practices that you would like to report confidentially to #DubaiMunicipality? Introducing “Amanah” a specialised secure and confidential communication channel, that shares your views and protects your privacy,” the municipality announced in a tweet.

“Please do not hesitate to report about any practices that constitute violations to the regulations, policies, and laws of Dubai Municipality, as we seek through this smart channel to maintain a strict confidentiality in receiving information and ensure the informer’s anonymity,” a notice on the site said.

The electronic intelligent service is set to receive private and confidential observations and to follow-up the actions taken to address such observations to ensure their correctness and to take the necessary measures in accordance with the legislations governing them, the site added.

Dubai Police has a similar service named ‘Al Ameen’ through which residents can report concerns about security issues and criminal activities..

How to report

Residents can contact the municipality’s hotline number 800900 or email at to verify the claims made in posts related to food, cosmetics and other topics related to public health.

Image Source: Twitter