Celebrating Founding Day Of Saudi Arabia: A Tale Of History And Glory

  • Publish date: Monday، 21 February 2022 Last update: Monday، 11 September 2023
Celebrating Founding Day Of Saudi Arabia: A Tale Of History And Glory

Saudi Arabia is central to the middle east, and home to the Islamic religion. The country is currently being reformed with the vision of 2030 of technology, green economics, and building a future in Saudi Arabia.

Celebrating the emergence of this phenomenon, We are nearing the celebration of Saudi Arabias' founding day, and today we introduce you to the day that made history in the region.

When is Saudi Arabias' founding day going to be celebrated?

The founding day of Saudi Arabia is on February 22nd every year as King Salman Bin Abd Al Aziz has released a royal order to hold a special ceremony each year on that date to remember the date Saudi Arabia was first founded, and it is to be an official holiday.

Behind the Logo of Saudi Arabias' founding day,

The official logo of Saudi Arabias' founding day was revealed under the statement of "the day we started" or "yoom badena" in Arabic, and below we will explain the meanings behind this unique logo:

Saudi Founding day

The Man symbol standing in the middle

It is a symbol of the championships Saudis have won And the extent to which they gathered and united around the flag of their homeland and defended their land.

The date 

It is a symbol of Generosity, growth, and life.


The council

symbolizes the cultural unity that the Saudi people enjoy.

The Arabian horse

symbolizes the equestrianism and heroism carried out by the princes of the state throughout the ages.

The market

suggests the economic movement that the Kingdom is witnessing and opening up to the world.

The writings

In 1727, when Saudi Arabia was founded, and a symbol of pride of that history, the calligraphy was inspired by the Saudi manuscripts that documented the history of the first Saudi state.

 How will Saudis celebrate the founding day?

February 22nd will be an official holiday for all Saudis.

Celebrations will begin on that day for three successive days and mark the end on Thursday:

  • Saudis' are looking forward to all celebrations from the "Masera," the founding walk with the anthems, to the most significant event ever, which is to the founding Operetta that will display six historical figures that created this land over three centuries and feature top performing Saudi Artists, such as Mohammed Abdo, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Rashed Al-Fares, Majed Al Mohandes, and Dalia. The Operetta is on Wednesday in Riyadh.
  • The national museum in Riyadh will showcase its own traditional Majlis event from Tuesday to Thursday, celebrating and showing the culture of Saudis through the years.
  • The Nejnaj event, which will be held in every single city in Saudi Arabia, displaying the traditional Saudi coffee, fashion, achievements, and history of the country; each city will have its' Nejnaj such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Taif, Hail, Tabuk, Abha, and Al Baha.
  • King Abdulaziz Center for world culture Ithra will also celebrate that day with special events such as A camel parade, traditional A'arda dance at the Lush Garden, a poetry night, and an Ithra fashion competition show between 22nd - February - February 26th.
  • Most restaurants and shops will offer special discounts for Saudi founding day.
  • David Burke restaurant will have an outstanding live performance by Saudi singer Sarah Chafei on Tuesday in Riyadh.
  • Thursday will mark the end of celebrations as the sky will light up with fireworks and drone special shows in Riyadh, saying goodbye to this historical event of land that is such a powerful economic and religious threshold in the world.
  • The Saudi Founding day is not the same as the Saudi national day.

We wish Saudi Arabians a happy founding day and hope their country will remain glorious now and beyond.

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