New York State Names December 2 'Emirati Day'

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 16 June 2021
New York State Names December 2 'Emirati Day'

The state of New York has named December 2, 2021 Emirati Day as UAE’s upcoming golden jubilee approaches.

Kevin Thomas, New York state senator, who was born in Dubai, put forward the resolution in a televised speech in the state senate.

In a video from the state senate in Albany, Mr Thomas, whose Indian family moved from Dubai to New York in 1995 when he was 10, said he was "honoured to stand and introduce this legislative resolution to declare December 2, 2021, as Emirati Day in New York State".

“Their National Day, which is celebrated on December 2 each year, commemorates the founding of the UAE.

"But this year, it's a very different type of celebration because the country will be celebrating its 50th.

"President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan proclaimed 2021 as the 50th year, which represents a defining moment in the country’s history.”

"This December, the UAE will not only celebrate its 50th anniversary – we will also celebrate 50 years of friendship with the State of New York," he wrote on Instagram.

"Strong business and trade ties, coupled with a range of partnerships through the arts, sport, and education, are the foundation of this close relationship.

"I thank Senator Thomas for introducing a resolution commemorating the UAE’s 50th anniversary in New York State, which reflects our shared understanding that the friendship between the UAE and New York is set to grow from strength to strength in the years ahead."