Codati Grows Operations in the Kingdom to Serve 23.5 Million Gamers

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 18 January 2023
Codati Grows Operations in the Kingdom to Serve 23.5 Million Gamers

With the promise of the 2030 vision set to become a reality, the Kingdom is currently home to an astounding 23.5 million gamers equaling approximately 67% of its population. 

Digitalisation has been notably reflected throughout several enormous infrastructure projects in the Kingdom due to the rising needs and requirements of a thrivingly enabled society. Hundreds of professional esports players are pursuing full-time careers, and Saudi Arabia's communications regulator has launched a new initiative to boost the country's flourishing gaming industry, which is expected to nearly quadruple in size by 2030. In line with this vision and due to the region's technologically enabled population and expanding needs, Codati has rapidly gained popularity in the fastest-growing gaming Kingdom.

The swift expansion of the gaming industry has been empowered by the Kingdom's leadership and audiences' rising adoration of digital games and the virtual world. With the help of digitally holistic platforms like Codati, (a vast online store for the gift card market) that successfully bridge the gap between eCommerce and consumers, the region now has the chance to capitalise on the widespread passion for gaming.

“The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its investments in the industry and development of electronic games make the investment environment fertile and attractive to regional and international companies. Codati seeks to be one of the leading companies and to participate in this vision.” - Mohammad Alajlani, Co-founder of Codati

In addition to emerging technologies, the Kingdom has an abundance of prospects, solidifying itself as the largest MENA tech hub boasting a market value of more than $40 billion and further attracting new investments to complete its transition to a fully innovation-based economy.

The gaming industry has a significant role to play in this movement. Saudi Arabia is projected to grow into a $6.8 billion gaming and esports market by 2030, with more than 23.5 million gamers thriving there and hundreds of professional esports players pursuing full-time careers. Furthermore, it is forecasted that by 2025, the expenditure for female gamers in the Middle East and North Africa will surpass the number of male gamers up to an astounding $5 billion.

Revenue from games is estimated to reach $3 billion in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt just by 2025, with over 85 million gamers playing on mobile, PC, and console.

The immediate phenomenal rise of the MENA esports and gaming industry is fuelled by localisation of gaming content, higher spending from existing gamers and thus more time spent, that further leads to an increase in advertising and promotion revenue.

According to experts, the gaming industry's steady prominence in MENA results from the success of companies that offer compelling content, luring in unique and diverse users. It’s a testament to their capabilities by making gaming wholly inclusionary by developing games that aren't solely focused on action games but are made more holistically, resulting in a highly engaging experience that successfully draws fans together to connect, share and interact, both virtually and in real-time.

The expansion of Metaverse aims to elevate these experiences by incorporating a more immersive and personalised ecosystem through virtual avatars and digital events, among other things. Non-gamers are also expected to pick up gaming in static ways, through digital concerts, play-to-earn games, gamification of commerce, and so on, all of which are industry-wide trends that have revolutionised how we think about gaming.

“The esports industry is developing at a dizzying rate globally with the rapid development of AR and the Metaverse. In September 2022, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud launched the National Strategy for Games and Electronic Sports. Among the objectives of this strategy is the contribution to the GDP, directly or indirectly, at a value of 50 billion riyals by 2030. We, at Code Control, with our strategic partner Codati, aspire to invest in the services of this promising sector through a professional team and deep knowledge that gives us the flexibility to adapt to different technologies within this sector.” - Yasser M. Bahareth, Co-founder of Control Code

With so much on the rise, now is the best time to learn, understand and probably even master the art of gaming with Codati, (a vast online store for the gift card market) that offers players across the MENA region and globally, PUBG, Fortnite, Roblox, LifeAfter, Mobile Legends and several others. Shopping these cards are as easy as redeeming them with instant email delivery and 24/7/365 live customer support. Gamers simply need to visit, www.Codati.com and explore the vast variety of gaming cards offered, purchase from the preferred country and get playing. 

Top that with a staggering discount of up to 20% across the platform, including other categories, which means, getting so much more for a lot less.

Xbox, PlayStation and PUBG are the top cards available on Codati’s Store, with prices starting as low as AED 3.68 offered across the MENA, US, UK, and Europe, too. Furthermore, this innovative platform also provides buyers with an always-on, hands-on team ready to assist with orders and direct deliveries, too. Hurry and benefit from their limited time sitewide sale and indulge in the power of over 600+ choices, at your fingertips.

Codati is ecstatic to have secured a significant presence in MENA's tech hub so early in its journey and aspires to become a household name in Saudi Arabia soon.

About Codati

With an ambition to consistently provide customers with a variety of product options from the leading industry players, Codati has proudly garnered strategic partnerships with over 60+ leading local and international operators. offering 500+ cards to choose from and a strong arm in the wholesale digital space. Codati is currently pioneering as a leading digital wholesale platform in this region while swiftly expanding its operations across the Americas, Africa, and Asia, too, all while seamlessly delivering easy payment solutions to individual consumers alongside mammoth businesses.




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