UAE to Manufacture Air Taxis That Will Hit Skies by 2027

  • Publish date: Saturday، 27 May 2023
UAE to Manufacture Air Taxis That Will Hit Skies by 2027

A US-based aviation company Odys Aviation, renowned for making hybrid electric aircraft, will start operations in the UAE to manufacture air taxis. 

The Ministry of Economy made the announcement and said that Odys Aviation had joined their NextGen FDI program, which supports high-potential businesses in launching their operations in the UAE. 

The California-based company will launch its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, which will include an assembly and maintenance plant. The launch of the company will create 2,000 direct and indirect jobs in the UAE. 

The company will be the first to export the aircraft with the 'Made in the UAE' certification.

Odys Aviation produces hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that serve passengers, cargo, and emergency services. 

The company's aircraft will be able to deliver all-electric propulsion for 320km with a hybrid-electric range of more than 1,200km. These aspects of the aircraft have the potential to cut down carbon emissions by 76% on pan-GCC travel and provide zero-carbon travel for all journeys across the UAE.  

Odys Aviation will launch a full-scale prototype by 2025 and the aircraft will enter into service by 2027. 

Image source: Odys Aviation website. 

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