Concerns About Full Petrol Tanks With Temperature Surpassing 50°C

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 19 July 2023 Last update: Thursday، 20 July 2023
Concerns About Full Petrol Tanks With Temperature Surpassing 50°C

Health professionals warn citizens to take the required precautions against the sweltering summer heat, which has lately surpassed 50°C in the UAE.

As the mercury rises, rumors went viral about some measures advising motorists not to fill the car's fuel tank because doing so could cause a tank explosion due to heat buildup. They also have to open the tank at least once every day in order for the hot air to escape.

“There's no truth behind these ominous warnings,” a road safety expert has categorically told Khaleej Times, and added: “These are old tales that often pop up on social media, especially during summer.”

Thomas Edelmann, founder and managing director of Road Safety UAE, noted: “Vehicle manufacturers and experts have taken into account ambient temperature conditions and performance requirements while designing the automobiles.

Experts say that for there to be a concern, the outside temperature would need to be far over 250°C.

Accordingly, the temperature should be 2.5 times higher than the boiling point of water at 100 °C.

Edelmann said, "Vehicle manufacturers have designed and built cars and all components – such as fuel tank – to operate in all climate conditions and they were tested to extreme weather, including hot and cold. Fuel systems were designed to cope with any expansion of fuel, or vapour coming from the petrol."

On the contrary, Edelmann underscored, “Drivers are advised to ensure there's enough fuel in the tank to avoid breaking down, as getting stranded in the hot UAE summer is markedly more dangerous."

Drivers can fill their tanks up to the automatic cut-off as determined by the gasoline nozzle sensor.

Because there is less evaporation inside the tank, especially in motorbikes, filling the tank will also boost the mileage in gasoline indirectly.

“Switching off your engine at the petrol station when filling up the tank is a no-brainer,” added Edelmann. "And the smart thing to do is to ignore fake news and focus on staying safe, healthy and hydrated to enjoy road trips during summer."

Concerns About Full Petrol Tanks With Temperature Surpassing 50°C

The following are additional safety advice for drivers to follow at petrol stations:

When refueling, turn off your car's engine. Use the hand brake, put your car in park (automatic), first gear (manual), or both.

Refrain from smoking, lighting matches or using lighters—not even inside the vehicle while refueling.

Don’t use mobile phones.

Avoid getting in and out of your car repeatedly to avoid building up static electricity. If you must enter the car while it is being refueled, let any static energy out by touching metal.

Because petrol fumes are extremely harmful, stay inside your vehicle with the windows closed.

Keep kids inside the car.

Start the car only after refueling.

For the transportation or storage of petrol, only use authorized portable containers.

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