Watch: Delivery Boy in India Rides Horse to Deliver Order

  • Publish date: Thursday، 04 January 2024
Watch: Delivery Boy in India Rides Horse to Deliver Order

In response to a fuel shortage triggered by a truckers' strike over new legislation concerning hit-and-run incidents, a Zomato delivery rider in Hyderabad resorted to an unconventional mode of transport. With petrol stations depleted or closed due to the strike's impact, the delivery personnel employed a unique solution to fulfill an order by riding a horse through the streets near the Imperial Hotel in Chanchalguda, located in the city's old quarter.

Unusual Delivery Method

Clad in his Zomato gear, the delivery rider caught the attention of bystanders as he rode astride a horse, delivering an order in the middle of the city's busty streets. The scene, captured in a widely circulated video on social media, showcased the young man's innovative approach to overcome the fuel scarcity affecting his delivery job.

Adaptation Over Fuel Shortage

The decision to utilize a horse for delivery arose when the rider's motorbike ran out of fuel, leaving him unable to rely on conventional means of transportation. With petrol stations either closed due to exhausted stocks or witnessing extensive queues, the resourceful delivery person opted for an alternative mode of transport to ensure timely order delivery.