How to Drive Safely During Foggy Weather in Dubai

  • Publish date: Sunday، 14 November 2021
How to Drive Safely During Foggy Weather in Dubai

As the weather changes and temperature drops a little bit, many Dubai residents welcome it. There are a host of winter activities they can start preparing for. However, there is one thing that causes a bit of distress, fogDriving in fog despite all the technological advancements remains a challenge.

The infrastructure in Dubai has improved tremendously and modern cars have different lights to counter problems. Yet fog remains one of the primary causes of accidents in Dubai during this period.

What can you do to limit risks? Here are a few tips for driving in foggy weather in Dubai.

Drive When You Need to Know 

If you look out of the window and all you see is fog, ask yourself whether you really need to go out? Can you work from home? Can you go in a little later? Or is reaching a social gathering on time, necessary? Can you cook food at home instead of dining out? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before heading out.

Be Aware And Slow Down

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Download any of the top weather apps and check how dense the fog will be at the time you will start your journey. Due to limited visibility, you need to drive slowly when driving in foggy weather in Dubai. Typically, they say you have to go at around 40km/h to 50km/h. So, you would need to leave earlier.

For instance, if you drive to your workplace in 15 minutes in normal circumstances, give yourself an extra 10 minutes. If you are getting late, don’t push it. Everyone living in Dubai understands that driving in foggy weather is dangerous.

So, keep an eye on the weather and wake up earlier than usual. Don’t hit the snooze button when the alarm rings because a few minutes of sleep is not worth the risk of an accident.

How to Drive Safely During Foggy Weather in Dubai

Maintain Distance

This is good advice irrespective of the weather conditions but it becomes even more important when driving in foggy weather in Dubai. Keep a safe distance with the car ahead of yours. So, even if they make a mistake and have to hit the brakes, there is enough room for you to brake safely and avoid a collision.

Stay Faithful to Your Lane

Switching lanes is just an instinct for many. However, when driving in foggy weather in Dubai, it helps if you stick your lane. With low visibility, why take an undue risk? You are unable to see far in the distance. So even if you switch lanes successfully, you can’t be sure this will ensure a faster journey.

Switch on The Fog Lights

Many modern cars have rear fog lights. As you would expect, these are extremely useful when driving in foggy weather in Dubai. Keep on these lights until you are clear of the fog. Running them in clear weather will disturb other drivers.

Usually, the switch is on the headlight know or indicator tool. When you buy your car, read it’s manual if you can’t find it.

How to Drive Safely During Foggy Weather in Dubai

Switch of Hazard Lights

While the intentions are good i.e., alerting other drivers, using hazard lights is a complete no-no. These lights are used signify a problem with the car or the road. Since you are still driving, using hazard lights might confuse others and cause them to hit the brakes. The consequences can high.

Switch on The Headlights

Headlights must be on when you are driving in foggy weather in Dubai. However, you shouldn’t use beams as it can cause problems for the on-coming drivers.

Switch on Your Heater

During winter, when you are driving in foggy conditions in Dubai, condensation is a concern. Your visibility will be reduced further. However, keeping the heater will help keep the windows including the windshield clear from the inside. If you feel a bit warm, sliding down your side window slightly is always a good idea.

How to Drive Safely During Foggy Weather in Dubai

Use Whippers

Keeping your windshield clean is essential. So, use the car whipper whenever necessary. At times, it also helps you keep them running on slow. 

Take a Break

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure, its always better to make a stop. It could be at a petrol station or in a parking lot. Fog might subside is a little while and you will be able to get back on the road soon enough. Remember, driving in foggy conditions in Dubai is all about reducing risks. If you feel, it is getting too risky, just stop. Better safe than sorry.

The UAE government has certainly taken extensive measure to reduce risks and make it safe for everyone. However, things can only work if drivers also fulfill their responsibilities. If you are careless, not only you are endangering your own life but also of other people on the road. By the following the aforementioned tips, you can do your part.

Be a responsible citizen and drive safely!

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