Cloudy Weather and a Chance of Light Rain Today

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 05 July 2022
Cloudy Weather and a Chance of Light Rain Today
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UAE residents can expect fair to partly cloudy conditions in the eastern parts of the country today. According to the National Center of Meteorology, the skies will be generally clear to partly cloudy in general during the daytime. Some clouds appear eastward and may be convective by afternoon over the mountains.

Also, the NCM warned: “Light to moderate winds at times, at a speed of 15– 25, reaching 40 km/hr, will cause blowing dust and sand.”

The maximum temperature in the country is expected to be between 40-46°C, and the lowest temperature is expected to be between 24-28°C.

In coastal areas, temperature highs will be between 37-40°C, and 31-36°C in the mountainous regions.

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