UAE Fuel Prices Will Rise in November

  • Publish date: Sunday، 31 October 2021
UAE Fuel Prices Will Rise in November

The UAE’s fuel price committee said on Sunday Fuel prices in the UAE will rise in November.

Petrol prices fell after a consecutive rise at the start of September. They rose again in October and will continue to rise in November.

The new prices show an increase of about 7.5 per cent for Special 95 and Super 98, while diesel will jump 8 per cent from November 1.

The breakdown per litre is as follows:

• Super 98: Dh2.80 – up from Dh2.60 in October

• Special 95: Dh2.69 – up from Dh2.49 in October

• Diesel: Dh2.81 – up from Dh2.51 in October

Petrol prices in the UAE were liberalised in August 2015 to allow them to move in line with the market.