Did Someone Say Pineapple? Let’s Celebrate!

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 June 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 27 June 2023
Did Someone Say Pineapple? Let’s Celebrate!

Tropical? Would you like to transform any dish into tropical? Add a slice of pineapple! This sweet-tasting, distinctive fruit deserves a day to celebrate. Every year on June 27, the world celebrates International Pineapple Day to honor this delicious tropical fruit.

Interesting Facts About Pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit native to America, first found to be consumed by the Tupi people. A pineapple can take up to 3 years to grow and mature into a plant; each plant produces one pineapple per season! But it continues to give for up to 50 years.

This delicious fruit set a record for size in 2011 grown by Christine McCollum from Bakewell Australia, measuring 32 cm in length, 66 cm in girth, and weighing 28 kg.  Try your luck and grow your own pineapple, you may break this record, all you have to do is slice off the top of a pineapple and plant it in soil.

Did Someone Say Pineapple? Let’s Celebrate!

Pineapple is a stand-alone treat as it is rich in vitamin C, and disease-fighting antioxidants; it also may aid digestion and boost immunity and suppress inflammation, not to mention its wonderful flavor that goes into the preparation of a number of cold summer juices that you cannot resist.

How to Celebrate International Pineapple Day?

Simply, eat pineapple! Cut it into slices or make an upside-down pineapple cake. If you are active on social media, you can share some facts and benefits of these fruits using the hashtag #PineappleDay | #InternationalPineappleDay to help educate more people around the world.

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