Dubai Based Company Offers 25% Salary For Your Stay At Home Wife

  • Publish date: Thursday، 08 April 2021
Dubai Based Company Offers 25% Salary For Your Stay At Home Wife
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UAE based company Aries is offering employees spouse’s a 25% pay raise! Directly credited to the wife of each employee, however it is not applicable to newcomers.

How amazing would it be for the working man to have his stay-at-home spouse get a salary equivalent to 25% of their pay.

As we have gotten into the pandemic chaos the world has recognized the role of stay-at-home mothers, and spouses as they are mothers, teachers, cook and more, they basically manage the household.

It is indeed a great initiative recognizing the role of stay-at-home women who are the basis of any home as a home is not only a house, the role is beyond and deeper than that.

Welcome to Aries Group

The conditions to this amazing initiative are, only housewives of employees who have been with the company for more than three years after marriage are entitled. If they meet the condition, they receive 25 % of the employee's income as “salary”.

“It covers all our 1,900 staff,” Dr. Sohan Roy, Aries Group Chairman and CEO. “Right now, 240 are eligible — as many are not yet married or spouses haven't completed three years with our group (a minimum of 3 years in Aries is the criteria). All will get a salary equivalent to 25% of basic pay of their partner. The Efficiency Improvement tool (EFFISM) developed by us has contributed extra profit through efficiency improvement (and will) meet this expense.”

The question is, will other companies follow? Will it be a trend?

Sana Sajan, director of American Aesthetic, said, ““I applaud Sohan Roy, chairman and CEO of Aries Group. It is time to change the outlook of being a homemaker — with no monthly income. It is by far the toughest and thankless job. For all the countless hours of hard work a home-maker puts in, not a dime gets credited at the end of the month. It has rightly been said that being born a woman comes with an additional albatross of adorning different masks in different phases of life. A homemaker’s role is so multi-faceted — running the house, child-bearing and raising kids. It cannot be quantified to a full-fledged job.”

He also added saying, “If the organization where your spouse toils and puts in the long hours recognizes the main support structure of their employee ( his spouse) and remunerates her with any percentage of your spouse’s salary, the spouse will be more motivated. I definitely feel more companies should adopt this and implement this as this is a positive move as this will give a sense of confidence and appreciation to the spouse.”

Many other companies commented supporting this initiative, so why not? Let’s switch the narrative and recognize the home makers!

Image Source: Emirates 24/7