Discover the Local Markets in the UAE

  • Publish date: Sunday، 17 April 2022 Last update: Monday، 18 April 2022
Discover the Local Markets in the UAE

The UAE is known for the modern urban landscape that is exemplified by the phenomenon of towers such as Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. However, this sophisticated country has a rich history that reflects the traditional life of Arabs. Discover UAE history by visiting one of its Local Markets, and here is a list of Local Markets in the UAE that you must visit.

The Local Markets in the UAE 

The United Arab Emirates is filled of local markets where you can explore the old way in selling the traditional local goods. Here is a list of Local Markets in the UAE:  

Dubai Local Markets  

  • Mina Bazar  

  • Souq Murshid  

  • Souq Naif  

  • Al Manal Center  

  • Perfume Souq  

  • Grand Souq  

  • Souq Al Karama  

  • AlMarar  

  • Souq Okaz  

  • Souq AlWasel  

  • Alsabkha  

  • Souq Al Ras  

  • Al Fahidi Souq  

  • Wholesale Souq  

  • Souq Al Marfa  

Abu Dhabi

  • Souq السوق 

  • Carpet Market

  • Al Barry Village Souq

  • Souq Al Irani

  • Souq Al Qattara

  • Central Market

  • Souq Al Zafarana

  • Souq Al Moqajee

  • Souq Al Bawadi  

  • Al Ain Souq  


  • Al Ghuwait Souq 

  • Souq AlShanasiyah  

  • Souq Al Bahar  

  • Souq Al Irani  

  • Al Rolla Souq  

  • Central Souq  

  • Souq Al Arsah  

  • Souq Al Jubail  

  • Al Shaab Village  


  • Souq Salem  

  • Souq Al Shaabi  

  • Souq Saleh  

  • Festival Land 

  • Wholesale Market  

Al Fujairah  

  • Souq Masafi  

  • Friday Market 

  • Souq Sharam  

  • Souq Al Fujairah  


  • Souq Mareedh  

  • Souq Alqadeem  

  • Kuwaiti Street Souq  

How to reach UAE Local Markets? 

You can reach any of the markets mentioned above by pasting the market name on Google Maps, as it is written the same way as Google Maps.

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