UAE Approves Law Regarding Work-Related Injuries

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 22 March 2022
UAE Approves Law Regarding Work-Related Injuries

The UAE Government Cabinet approved federal legislation regarding work-related injuries and occupational diseases for workers in the private sector, which specifies the mechanism for reporting and investigating an injury, as well as the mechanism of compensating them. The law guarantees the rights of workers of the private sector.

The Cabinet approved a decision to reorganize the Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (KCGEB), to be affiliated with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

The center will have the legal personality and financial, administrativeautonomy required to achieve its goals. The center will be specialized in developing and implementing research programs in cooperation with federal and local authorities, and providing expert services and scientific advice to government entities and the private sector, and conducting studies and research.

The Cabinet adopted the new Cooperatives Law, which adopts the basic principles of cooperatives based on international standards. It includes the establishment of new types of cooperatives, including digital, financial, professional and others. in addition to permitting the inclusion of cooperatives in the financial markets according to specified standards and conditions.

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