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Doha Film Institute Welcomes World Cup Fans with a Set of Short Films

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 15 November 2022
Doha Film Institute Welcomes World Cup Fans with a Set of Short Films
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The Doha Film Institute has announced that it will present the “Doha Film Experience” from November 24-26, showing 9 short films from around the world at VOX Cinemas at Doha Festival City Mall.

In this context, Fatima Hassan Al-Rumaihi, CEO of the Doha Film Institute, said that public film screenings in the Doha Film Experience enjoy a special place at the institute, noting that these short films will be admired by the audience thanks to the various concepts and ideas they address, to enable them to gain a deeper understanding to our common human values.

She added, "Our short films program reflects the diversity of our experiences and will provide the community with the opportunity to discover new ideas and concepts through these unique stories."

The short films that will be shown are:

"Personal Thing" which won the Best Short Film award in the Hilal category at Ajyal Film Festival 2022, produced (UK / 2022) by director Hugh Clegg.

The film tells of Hugh, a digital content creator, who discovers that one of his videos has been stolen and turned into a funny meme, and then embarks on a journey across online platforms in search of the stealer.

The second film is "Beautiful Inside", which won the Best Short Film award, produced (Netherlands/2022), directed by Robert Jonan Coyers.

The third movie, "Canary", produced (Canada / 2022) and directed by Pierre-Hugh Dallaire and Benoit Thierault, revolves around "Young Sonny", who does not like his profession in mining, so he trains his bird to play the role of the dead so that he can have a day off,

The film talks about the values of honesty, integrity, and friendship.

The film "The Bounty Hunter's Daughter" (Philippines / 2021) directed by Don Josephs Raphael Abelhan will also be screened, and it tells the story of a young girl who leaves her family in an attempt to try her luck in what she chose. The film won Best Short Film at the Sundance Film Festival.

"The Ice Merchants" produced (Portugal, England, France / 2022), directed by Joao Gonzalez, revolves around a father and his son who parachute on a daily basis, from their house on a high cliff in the cold mountains, and one day the temperature begins to rise above freezing, which dire consequences for the family. 

The film is classified as an animation that sheds light on the issue of climate change and its effects.