What Are The Minimum Wages In Dubai?

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 23 March 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 16 August 2022
What Are The Minimum Wages In Dubai?

UAE is well known for being a multicultural city and a hub for many businesses to ensure that employers abide by the government's salaries. Therefore, the UAE Ministry of labor established guidelines and laws for minimum wages in 2013 for those who meet the qualifications.

What are the minimum wages in Dubai?

  • University graduates should get a minimum monthly salary of 12000 AEDS.
  • Skilled laborers should get a minimum of 5000 AEDS monthly for their salary, but the qualification is that they should have a secondary school certificate.
  • Skilled technicians should get a minimum of 7000 AEDs monthly.

What are the average salaries of different job roles in the UAE?

Salaries differ from one job to the other, and there is no minimum wage for everyone as the industries and employment vary from one to the other. However, today, we can introduce you to a couple of well-spread jobs with  average salaries:

  • Chef around 44,000 AEDS.
  • General Manager 35,000 AEDS.
  • Project Manager 20,000 AEDS.
  • PR Account Manager 18,000 AEDS.
  • HR Manager 18000 AEDS.
  • Software engineer 11,000 AEDS.
  • Sales Executive 8000 AEDS.
  • Graphic designer 7000 AEDS.
  • Nurse 6000 AEDS.
  • Legal assistant 5,500 AEDS.
  • Secretary 4,000 AEDS.
  • Domestic worker 1,800 AEDS.

What is the wages protection system in UAE?

WPS or the wages protection system is an electronic system that allows payrolls and administrates them. It enables companies to pay their employees through banks and other financial institutions; the central bank of UAE implemented this system to protect the people and the employees and secure their monthly wages. It ensures that both the company and the employee are happy, as the employee will guarantee their salary, and the company will get a smooth-running operation of salary distribution.

To ensure that you are being paid correctly, do not be scared of negotiations to ensure that the salary gives you a decent amount of money that you can manage monthly while living in the UAE. Life can get a little bit expensive when it comes to rent prices. 

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