Dubai Residents Can Now Sponsor 90-Day Visit Visa for Family & Friends

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 February 2023
Dubai Residents Can Now Sponsor 90-Day Visit Visa for Family & Friends

Travel agencies and Dubai residents have confirmed that it is now possible for residents to invite their loved ones to the city for a three-month stay with a visit visa. The sponsor must pay a Dh1,000 deposit for the visa, which will be refunded later.

KV, who works as a Public Relations Officer for a company based in Dubai, has confirmed that he has obtained the 90-day visit visas for his colleagues' family members. He shared that the application process was straightforward, and he visited the AMER centre in Karama, close to the post office. He also noted that based on his experience, the visa is granted to immediate blood relatives such as parents or siblings.

KV has revealed that the cost of obtaining the 90-day visit visa for family members of his colleagues was Dh1,770 in total, comprising a Dh1,000 deposit, and Dh770 in visa typing charges and service fees. The Advanced Visa System, implemented in October 2022, brought significant entry visa reforms to the UAE, including a wide-ranging residency and entry permit system.

However, travel agencies report that they are currently unable to process these visas through their systems, and only individuals can apply for them through the GDRFA website, app, or Amer typing centres. The GDRFA website offers various permits, including entry permits for business or job opportunities, Green Visa waiting permits, and patient escort permits.