Man Changes His Life After Winning Millions With The Latest Draw

  • Publish date: Sunday، 06 March 2022
Man Changes His Life After Winning Millions With The Latest Draw

Sometimes all it takes to change around your life in the blink of an eye is a miracle with luck sprinkled on top of it, and this is exactly what happened with the 39 years old Indian ex-pat, Mohammed Sameer Alan, who won an amazing prize of 12 Million Dh in a big-ticket draw that was held in Abu-Dhabi.

From Hardship to Millionaire 

The 39 years old had seen a lot of hardships in his life before he went to Dubai trying to achieve a better life for himself and his family as well; working hard, he started from the bottom with 600Dhs as his salary when he first came in 2004, then he improved to earn 3300 Dhs as a technician, such a hard job. Still, he always bought his favorite ticket at the end of every month; while 2 is his lucky number, the ticket had lots of 2s in it, perhaps its' his jinx, but he won 12 million Dhs after all; transforming his life around!

Mohammed was not watching the Tv after the fifth winner was drawn as he had to work, but then he went ahead and started his work as he could not stay watching Tv while his wife watched and let him know of the happy news that his life was finally turning around.

Every Saturday, the draw is made, and changes live weekly; who knows, perhaps you could be the next lucky winner!

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