Dubai Food Festival is Back!

  • Publish date: Monday، 25 April 2022 Last update: Friday، 21 April 2023
Dubai Food Festival is Back!

Are you excited for Dubai’s most exciting culinary offerings! Then get ready because Dubai Food Festival (DFF) is Back! Find out more about this annual gastronomic celebration held by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment in the following article. 

About Dubai Food Festival 

Dubai Food Festival enhances Dubai's status as a culinary capital in the region, and it celebrates cuisine worldwide by offering abundant agenda with diverse events. In addition, DFF allows Dubai's restaurants to participate in the festival and serve their best dishes that suit all tastes and budgets. Dubai Food Festival is held by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, and this year it will last for 14 days. 

Dubai Food Festival 2022 Activities 

DFF 2022 activities include: 

Dubai Restaurant Week

Different restaurants in Dubai will offer a set price meals during Dubai Restaurant Week. 

Cooking Classes 

Dubai Food Festival offers culinary lovers Cooking lessons by the world-famous chefs. 

Foodie Experiences

Foodie Experiences includes activities that put a spotlight on the dining scene, from bespoke gourmet meals to intimate cooking showcases featuring world-famous chefs.

Hidden Gems

A golden opportunity for lesser-known restaurants in Dubai to sell their diverse cuisine, where visitors can try over 200 international flavors. After trying the food, visitors will have to evaluate restaurants and vote to choose the best of them. Based on the result of the vote, restaurants with the highest vote percentage will be included in the top 10 hidden gems list for 2022.

Dubai Food Festival Dates 

DFF 2022 will take place from 2nd May until15th May 2022, so it will last for 14 days. 

Dubai Food Festival Location 

Until now, the organizers didn't announce the location of DFF 2022 activities, but like every year, it will be celebrated at different locations across Dubai.

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