Food Trucks; Taking Dubai by Storm

  • Publish date: Thursday، 11 May 2017 Last update: Sunday، 05 December 2021
Food Trucks; Taking Dubai by Storm

A beautiful weather, a quick fresh meal, and a friendly environment; nothing describes food trucks more than these vibes in Dubai. This new trend has been growing among businesses overwhelmingly.

 The trucks could be found in events such as Truckers DXB, the Ripe Market, and Dubai Food Festival or moving around the city like Pizza Cone and Mister Brisket or in groups such as the ones found in the Boardwalk in Palm Jumeirah, Kite beach, and the Last Exit with all its different, newly opened, branches.

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: One of the many food trucks found in the Boardwalk in Palm Jumairah, opposite to Atlantis Resort, Dubai.

Text Box: Figure 1: One of the many food trucks found in the Boardwalk in Palm Jumairah, opposite to Atlantis Resort, Dubai.There are trucks that operate like restaurants and others that operate like cafes; thus, they serve a variety of food and beverages. Their countless food options range from American cuisines to Italian and even Japanese ones; burgers, pastries, pizzas, pasta, sushi, etc.. Some are specifically designed for cold fresh drinks while others are designed for selling ice-cream cones.

            The street food offered by these businesses have only shown an increased popularity in the UAE. When asked about the reason why they enjoy food trucks, customers have answered our reporters by: “I like the convenience of it,” “I like that they are very funky, and they have a sense of being in the wild,” “the choices of options are amazing!”

            According to the Gulf News, what makes the food trucks interesting is that they are “cheaper to run than a restaurant, meaning they are a great way for talented but cash-strapped chefs to focus on a few perfect dishes.”

            The head director of one of the trucks, Leigh Metzeling, said: “when it comes to running a small kitchen, you have got to basically design your food truck so that it can encapsulate everything in such a small area. So, for example, in normal restaurants/cafes, you have got a large kitchen, and you can have things spread out. You can have your pastry section and your burger section, but probably the biggest thing with food trucks is to push as much food and product to the market in the most efficient, easiest, and quickest way and in the best price.”

            Last but not least, the trend of food trucks seems to be doing really well in Dubai, but has it reached its peak yet? A question that only time could reveal its answer.

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