Hatta Cultural Nights Records Over 28,000 Visitors

  • Publish date: Saturday، 21 January 2023
Hatta Cultural Nights Records Over 28,000 Visitors

The second edition of Hatta Cultural Nights, a 12-day heritage-rooted festival, recorded over 28,000 visitors from all over the country,

The festival hosted a variety of artistic and folkloric performances including Oud, ‘Alharbiya’ and Al Rababa performances, in addition to poetry evenings performed by a group of Emirati poets from Hatta alongside several other traditional performances.

The traditional food corner showcased the live cooking of several Emirati dishes by a number of specialists including the traditional meat and rice dish cooked using ‘Al Tanoor’, one of the long-standing Emirati family gathering traditions, especially in Hatta.

Dubai Culture also allocated a market corner in which honey shops and unique local produce were displayed, in addition to a variety of other offerings from young Hatta talent.

The festival also included entertainment activities within the Emirati folk games corner, which witnessed the organisation of a group of heritage competitions, cultural activities and training workshops aimed at enriching children's experiences and teaching them the handicrafts methods and secrets.