US Embassy in UAE to Hasten Visa Appointments Due to High Demand

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 November 2023
US Embassy in UAE to Hasten Visa Appointments Due to High Demand

As US visa appointments are only available after a year, the officials at the US Embassy in the UAE are trying to hasten the process.

Post Pandemic Travel to the US

There is a high demand to travel to the US post-pandemic and this demand is not only in the UAE but worldwide. 

In the UAE, the high demand to travel to the US is mostly among UAE residents and the nearest US visa appointment in Dubai is available on Oct. 18, 2024.

The closest US visa appointment available in Abu Dhabi is only in November 2024. 

The embassy has received more appointments for non-immigrant visas post-pandemic than pre-pandemic. 

Prioritized Cases for US Visa Appointments

The US Embassy is prioritizing US visa appointments for some cases such as studies, medical emergencies, urgent business matters, and expired visas.

For residents with expired visas in the last four years, it is not necessary to visit the embassy because they can receive their visa through Emirates Post. 

US Visa Appointment From Outside of the UAE

UAE residents can apply for an appointment for a US visa from any other country.

Residents can then appear for the interview in any of the GCC countries or in their preferred location. 

Additional US Visa Appointments

The officials at the embassy add additional appointments every day to serve more people and hasten the visa application process.

People can visit the official website and find some nearer appointments than their actual appointments. 

The embassy officials have advised residents to plan a year ahead if they intend to travel to the US.  

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