Why and How Should You Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 August 2022
Why and How Should You Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

Is it ideal to move out of a beautiful, tax-free country? Well, it depends on two things—where and why you are moving.

Dubai is a popular tourist attraction that has its own unique characteristics. People can, however, decide whether to immigrate to Canada permanently or just temporarily, depending on their preferences. DM Consultants offer services that include the issuance of a Canada Visit Visa from Dubai. Those who wish to visit the progressive country and even those seeking residency can approach the consultancy. The national government offers a range of options for people to visit, work, and even live in Canada.

Here are some reasons why Canada is a preferred destination for migration:

To Build a Lucrative Career:

Canada is known for its top colleges and universities, offering quality education to students from all over the world. They provide state-of-the-art facilities to prepare students for futuristic and globally competitive markets. The country welcomes students and supports their ventures. Moreover, there are plenty of job opportunities for everyone. People can bag rewarding jobs in different areas of specialization, namely, engineering, medical, marketing, etc. Under the FSWP, a category of Express Entry, the majority of skilled workers apply for residency in Canada.

Why and How Should You Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

Primary Healthcare is Free for All:

All residents of Canada can avail themselves of the free healthcare services in Canada. Everyone now has access to fundamental medical care thanks to government efforts. The cost of citizens' medications is covered by the government. Even dentistry and optometry are covered under free healthcare by the Canadian government. However, those holding a Canada Visit Visa from Dubai cannot avail themselves of this benefit.

Why and How Should You Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

Better Quality of Life:

Citizens of Canada enjoy plenty of public holidays. Most workers and employees in the country have flexible work hours, which allows them to relish the perks of work-life balance. Moreover, people breathe fresh and clean air due to low pollution levels. The beautiful surroundings have spacious accommodations that host citizens and foreigners alike!

Why and How Should You Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

Immigrants are Welcomed, Supported, and Encouraged:

Canada extends a warm embrace toward migrants. It is ranked as the most tolerant nation in the world for immigrants. You can lawfully launch a business once you've been granted permanent residency in the nation. One can establish a franchise or an independent firm too. Enjoy all these perks without citizenship!

The convenience of moving to Canada from Dubai

Canadian authorities host a number of programs, such as the Federal Economic Class for those seeking employment and residency, Business Immigration for people in business, Family Class Sponsorship for those planning to settle in the country with their entire family, and so on. Choose the program that is best for you by getting in touch with DM Consultants, and they will help you obtain your Canada visit visa from Dubai without any hassle.

Standards to Meet in Order to Qualify for Canada's PR Programs

  • A score of 67 out of 100 is needed to access the program.
  • In Canada, the two main languages are French and English. Candidates must be bilingual or at least fluent in one of the languages.
  • The previous two years of employment must have been full-time.
  • Candidates must possess sufficient money to back up their immigration applications. They must also show proof of funds.
  • They must have a fitness certificate that declares the person is healthy to migrate.
  • Candidates cannot have any criminal records back in their home country. Only those with clean records are eligible for migration.
  • There will be an evaluation of your academic and educational background.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of the PR applications:

The following five steps will help you gain PR in Canada:

Step 1: An assessment of academic credentials is the first step in the process. So, compile all the necessary academic certificates and reports that prove your credentials and apply for the same.

Step 2: Provide all critical and valid information in your Express Entry Profile. You can create this profile online and submit it.

Step 3: The third step involves the assignment of a CRS score to you based on the details in your profile. The candidates' chances of receiving the ITA, which is an invitation to submit an application for the PR Visa, are based on the results of their testing.

Step 4: Complete all your paperwork and submit the visa payments. All candidates are allotted 60 days to complete this procedure. Make sure you submit everything within the prescribed timelines.

Step 5: Courier your passport to an Embassy near you for stamping after obtaining a message that your visa application has been approved.

DM Consultants is among the best immigration consultants in Dubai offering a comprehensive solution for all your Canadian Visa needs. Quit wasting time and begin your process today!

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