Dubai Residents Complained About a Gasoline Smell in the City

  • Publish date: since 6 days
Dubai Residents Complained About a Gasoline Smell in the City
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A number of Dubai residents took to social media to complain about the stench of gasoline spread from International City to Jumeirah on May 21st.

A Twitter user called 997 to report the problem and found out that an oil tanker had a leak in the sea and because of the storm, the smell has spread everywhere.

People complained about the smell on social media. One user said "I woke up at 5 am from severe headache because my whole apartment had an unbearable chemical smell. My windows were closed and ac on. I went to open balcony and outside was much worse, like the air felt toxic! Feel dizzy and have a burning feeling in my nose and mouth all-day."

Other users were frustrated with the fact that the competent authorities had not released any information regarding the oil tank leak. One Instagram user said, "The smell is back and still no article or news from the authorities to advise what is going on exactly and how long it’s supposed to last."

Many people were also concerned about the effect on marine life after learning about the oil leak in the sea. One person stated on Instagram "I'm not worried about smell. Worried about sealife 🙌😢"