Elon Musk: X Might Make Users Pay a Small Monthly Fee

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 19 September 2023
Elon Musk: X Might Make Users Pay a Small Monthly Fee

CEO of X Elon Musk shared on Sep. 18 that the platform might soon require users to pay a small monthly fee to use X.

Musk explained that the move is the most efficient way to tackle the issue of bots.

However, the CEO of X did not clarify when the subscription would be introduced or how much a low-tier subscription would cost.

The introduction of a subscription plan will help curb users who create fake or bot accounts, which post misinformation, propaganda, and scams.

Currently, the website and app are free to use, except for X Premium users who have to pay eight dollars a month. 

Other social media applications also have issues with bots, however, Musk fired various employees who could solve these issues. 

Putting X behind a paywall is not a new idea. The idea has been floating around since November 2022. 

X users will soon get to know when the subscription will be implemented and what the costs are for using X!

Image source: @elonmuskgalaxy Instagram page

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