Watch: Burj Khalifa Lit Up to Welcome Home Astronaut Sultan Al-Neyadi!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 19 September 2023
Watch: Burj Khalifa Lit Up to Welcome Home Astronaut Sultan Al-Neyadi!

In celebration of the triumphant return of Sultan AlNeyadi, the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was lit up with a projection of AlNeyadi in his space suit. This display of national pride and jubilation was a fitting tribute to the first Arab astronaut to spend six months on the International Space Station.

On the evening of Sultan AlNeyadi's return to the UAE, many buildings in Abu Dhabi were lit up with messages and photos welcoming him home. A video shared by the Abu Dhabi Media Office showed the Mubadala Tower, the Adnoc building, Khalifa University's campus entrance, and Marina Mall's observation tower all displaying messages and images of the astronaut.

To celebrate the return of Sultan AlNeyadi to the UAE, a large reception ceremony was held at the new Abu Dhabi Airport terminal. The ceremony was a celebration of AlNeyadi's accomplishments and his return home.

The reception ceremony for Sultan AlNeyadi was attended by a diverse group of people, including school children dressed in astronaut flight suits, government employees, and members of the public. The ceremony featured a traditional Al Ayyala dance performance, and the audience waved UAE flags and applauded, demonstrating the depth of pride and celebration felt by the people of the UAE.

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