New Taxi Booking Service to Offer Affordable Fare Options in Dubai

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 February 2024
New Taxi Booking Service to Offer Affordable Fare Options in Dubai

Dubai  is launching a new taxi platform that will run on an auction-based pricing model, which means that passengers will get to choose a ride that is affordable for them.

The new taxi platform is called Drife and it is expected to be UAE's first decentralized ride-hailing platform. 

The taxi platform allows passengers to choose the fares from various taxi drivers.

The minimum fare is only 30 percent higher than the standard fare, according to Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) regulations. 

Taxi drivers also have the option to offer discounts to passengers, maintain the ride's standard fare, or request premiums from their passengers with Drife. 

This new taxi booking platform will operate on a zero-commission fee structure, which means 100 percent of the fare paid for the ride will go directly to the driver. 

Drife operates on a subscription-based model where drivers have to pay a fee to access the platform, after which all earnings through the platform go directly to the rider. 

This new taxi platform will prove beneficial for both passengers and taxi drivers. 

How can Taxi Drivers Register?

Drife will launch later in February 2024 and it will first start with a thousand cabs. 

The taxi platform will first work with Dubai's limousine drivers, then they will expand operations with RTA taxis. 

Commuters will be able to book a Drife taxi in Dubai and travel to any destination in the UAE. 

Drivers who want to work with Drife have to download an application and submit the relevant documents for registering with Drife. 

Documents that drivers need to submit for registration include the Emirates ID, driving licence, and RTA card.

After they have registered, the drivers first get a 30-day complimentary subscription period after which they have to choose a daily or monthly subscription offer.

Both passengers and drivers will receive incentives within the platform based on their engagement with it. 

If you're looking for a taxi platform that provides affordable services, make sure to check out Drife!