Expat Has Survived 13 Death Experiences In Less Than 15 Mins

  • Publish date: Sunday، 27 March 2022
Expat Has Survived 13 Death Experiences In Less Than 15 Mins

Jordanian ex-pat Mojeeb in a miracle had survived 13 moments close to death as doctors in Abu Dhabi UAE, did everything they could for him to survive; the story starts when Mojeeb was one day driving home like every other day from work, he felt a pain in his chest with a tingling sensation and thought that something was wrong, so he took a turn to the hospital to the emergency room instead of going home where he collapsed with Dr. Zuhair Alsharafi talking to him.

A heart attack turned into a nightmare

Mojeeb had 100% blocked arteries, and he kept going in and out of life. The Drs' horrified at the situation, had to give him 13 electrical shock rounds to get him back to life and get his irregular rhythm of heartbeats under control; DR. Georgey did angioplasty to remove the blocks in Mojeebs heart in a short period, to destabilize him from what's happening, there was no time for them as in every moment Mojeeb kept going in and out of death.

What caused Mojeebs heart attack?

Mojeeb heart 13 death

Just like most people his age, as he was 48 and a father of two, he was a very heavy smoker, and that alongside the heavy blockage of his arteries led to a heart attack and 100% closed arteries, there were chances that he might die while driving from an accident when he first suffered the attacks, all doctors in that room said they had goosebumps as he came back from death 13 times in 15 mins only to be completely normal and make a full recovery after few hours of his successful surgery, 

Mojeeb was a heavy smoker, which could have triggered a heart attack. Blockage of arteries from a clot can lead to a heart attack and even sudden death.

Mojeeb said he never suffered from any heart illnesses, but he is glad he is alive, and he did not die from that experience leaving his two young boys behind without a father; this incident made him quit smoking completely. 

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