How to Report and Register a Death in the UAE?

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 August 2023
How to Report and Register a Death in the UAE?

When faced with the loss of someone close or a family member, it can be a challenge to complete all the formalities in the UAE. Here is a guideline on how to report and register a death in the UAE.

Guidelines to Report and Register a Death:

1. Report the Death

If the death has occurred outside of a hospital, then immediately call the police at 999 from anywhere in the UAE to inform them about the incident. 

The police will complete an initial death report and they will move the deceased to the government morgue.

If the death occurs at a hospital, the same steps will be taken.

The authorities at the morgue will issue a death certificate declaration.

This declaration has to be stamped by the police after which they will issue a no objection certificate (NOC).

Separate NOCs will be required to release the body, for embalming at the mortuary, and to transport the deceased to his or her home country.

2. Apply for a Death Certificate Through a Health Authority

After getting the NOC, you have to apply for the death certificate through the health authority in the emirate.

3. Attest Death Certificate by MOFA

Once you receive the death certificate, it needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

4. Cancel the Deceased's Visa

All these documents need to be submitted to the Department of Naturalisation and Residency of the emirate of residence to cancel the deceased's visa. 

5. Final Rites

The embassy or consulate of the deceased's country must also be contacted to inform them about the death. 

Deceased expats can be buried or cremated in the UAE. 

If the deceased's family wants to transport the body back to the home country, then an NOC needs to be acquired for that from the embassy.

The diplomatic mission has to cancel the passport and register the death in the home country. 

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