Expo 2020: First Prosthetic Limb Socket From Recycled Plastic

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 January 2022
Expo 2020: First Prosthetic Limb Socket From Recycled Plastic

The first Artificial limb socket made from plastic water bottles, was showcased at Dubai Expo 2020 on Thursday.

The technology developed by Dr Karthikeyan Kandan, could save healthcare providers millions of dollars and help tackle pollution.

The process starts by grinding the plastic bottles down and using the granulated material to spin polyester yarns. They then get heated up to form a solid yet lightweight material that can be moulded into prosthetic limbs.

“The cost of producing a prosthetic socket this way is just £10 (Dh 49), compared to the current industry average of around £5,000 (Dh 24,552.17) each,” explained the doctor.

“Upcycling of recycled plastics and offering affordable prosthesis are two major global issues that we need to tackle. We wanted to develop a prosthetic limb that was cost-effective yet comfortable and durable for amputee patients,” Dr Kandan said during a demonstration organised at the UK Pavilion as part of the Arab Health reception.

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