Dubai to Ban Single-Use Plastics from June 1

  • Publish date: Friday، 31 May 2024
Dubai to Ban Single-Use Plastics from June 1

Dubai will implement a total ban on single-use plastics from Saturday, Jun. 1, along with paper and biodegradable bags. 

Retail outlets will no longer allowed to charge 25 fils for single-use plastic bags at checkout.

The Dubai Municipality has implemented the ban on all single-use bags, including paper, biodegradable and recycled plastic that are 57 micrometres (0.057mm) thick or less.

Customers can use bags that are 58 micrometers thick.

Plastic Bags That are Exempted from the Ban

Dubai to Ban Single-Use Plastics from June 1

Bags that are exempted from the ban are bread bags; rubbish bin liners; rubbish bags and wrapping bags for vegetables, meats, fish, and chicken.

Bags for laundry, electronic devices, and grains are also exempted from this new regulation. 

The ban is part of an initiative to completely phase out single-use products to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and to encourage recycling in society. 

If businesses violate this new regulation, they will be fined AED 200. This penalty will be doubled for repeated offences within a year, with a cap of AED 2,000.

More Bans on Single-Use Plastics

Dubai to Ban Single-Use Plastics from June 1

There will be more bans implemented for the following products:

  • Jan.1, 2025: The ban will be extended to include styrofoam containers and cups, plastic stirrers, straws, table covers, and cotton swabs.
  • Jan.1, 2026: The final phase will see a ban implemented on single-use plastic cups, lids and cutlery, plastic food containers and plates.

The new ban comes after Dubai phased out single-use plastic bags across retail outlets. 

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