France Suffers from the 3rd Heat Wave This Summer

  • Publish date: Sunday، 07 August 2022
France Suffers from the 3rd Heat Wave This Summer

French Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne warned that France is facing the most severe drought ever, announcing the formation of a crisis team to tackle the historic drought that left more than 100 municipalities suffering from a shortage of drinking water.

State energy company “EDF” has been forced to cut production at some nuclear power plants, as river water temperatures are too high for sufficient cooling.

There are fears that the drought, which hits nearly all of mainland France, will reduce yields, exacerbating the food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. Also, Irrigation has been banned in much of northwestern and southeastern France to conserve water, while Alpine herders are forced to go down into valleys by truck every day to collect water for their animals, adding several hundred euros to their weekly fuel bills.

 It is noteworthy that dry conditions are expected to last for at least two weeks.

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