Suhail Star to Mark End of Extreme Heat in August

  • Publish date: Thursday، 03 August 2023
Suhail Star to Mark End of Extreme Heat in August

The days of scorching summer heat in the UAE are drawing to a close.

The much-anticipated celestial phenomenon Suhail star is projected to be visible across the Arabian Peninsula's southeastern horizon beginning August 24 at dawn, Khalej Times reported on August 3rd, citing a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Ibrahim Al Jarwan.

The arrival of the Suhail star (also known as the Canopus) heralds the end of the summer's heat and the beginning of a transition to milder weather, Al Jarwan wrote on twitter.

He said that due to the shift in weather in the UAE, people in the area had initially predicted that the star would arrive on August 15th or 18th.

“However, observing Canopus before August 20 is impossible in southern areas like Liwa and before August 25 in northern regions like Ras Al Khaimah,” confirmed Al Jarwan.

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