Google Integrates the "Duo" and "Meet" Applications for Video Calls

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 July 2022
Google Integrates the "Duo" and "Meet" Applications for Video Calls

Google is merging its Duo and Meet video calling apps into one integrated video platform, to simplify its communication services.

The Google Workspace team announced in a tweet that "in the coming weeks, we are working on adding Google Meet features to the Duo app, and later this year, we will update the Duo app to become 'Google Meet', to provide a better-integrated video experience."

The integrated service will be known as Google Meet, with Duo features designed primarily for personal video calls. The integrated experience will provide users with a single service for both video calls and meetings.

The Google Workspace team said that starting this month, the company will add various features to the Duo mobile app, such as customizing virtual backgrounds in calls and meetings; scheduling meetings and chatting during the meeting for deeper communication, as well as sharing content live to enable interaction with all participants in the call.

Video calls will also be expanded from the current maximum of 32 participants to 100 participants. Later this year, the Duo app will be launched under its new name "Google Meet", becoming the only video communication service that Google makes available to everyone for free.

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