Here Are 7 Free AI Sites That You Can Use in the UAE

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 17 May 2023
Here Are 7 Free AI Sites That You Can Use in the UAE

The UAE has integrated the use of AI in many services across various fields. There are also various AI platforms that people living in the UAE can access for free. 

Here are some free AI sites you can use in the UAE:

Rashid App

Rashid App is an AI-powered app that provides users with information about various procedures and transactions in the UAE. 


Realiste is an AI-powered marketplace that analyses real estate market trends, which helps users make decisions about which properties to invest in without consulting a real estate agent. 


FireFlies.AI is solely dedicated to generating meeting notes for users during their online meetings across Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and several other video conferencing platforms. The AI specifically works on transcribing, analyzing, and summarizing whatever is said during an online meeting and the AI creates a meeting recap, which the user can look back to. 


Copy.AI generates different kinds of content such as essays, articles, emails, and much more. However, unlike Bard, Copy. AI cannot write subject pieces such as short stories. 

Google Bard

Google Bard is a conversational generative AI, which is developed by Google. A user can interact with the AI by giving entering prompts in the dialogue box. The AI can provide the user with information on different kinds of topics. The user can also instruct Bard to write short stories, reports, essays, and much more. Users can also input their own text and ask Bard for feedback.

Notion AI 

Notion AI is another free AI website where users can type in any kind of instruction, which the AI readily responds to such as a command to write an article or a blog post. The AI site is perfect to brainstorm ideas for any project and the AI also provides information and advice on different issues. The site also helps you organize your tasks throughout the day.


Poe provides access to various AIs such as ChatGPT, Sage, NeevaAI, Claude+, and others. The AI can generate all kinds of content such as poetry, essays, and much more. 

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