Dubai Seizes 64 Smuggled Falcons

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 14 September 2021
Dubai Seizes 64 Smuggled Falcons

Inspection Division at Dubai Customs thwarted an attempt to smuggle 64 live falcons into the country through Hatta Border Crossing.

Updated lists of endangered species are provided regularly to the inspectors. Hatta Border Crossing made 44 different seizures during the first half of this year.

The illegitimate shipment, which violates the provisions of CITES ((the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), did not have any supporting or health documents under the Federal Law number 11 / 2002.

The seized falcons were handed over to the veterinary quarantine department of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment at the border crossing. Procedures will be taken following international treaties.

"To cross the borders, all animals have to have official documents; otherwise, they will be handed over to the ministry of Climate Change and Environment for further legal procedures." said Humaid Al Rasheed, Director of Land Customs Centres Management at Dubai Customs.

The suspect container contained vegetables and the falcons were hidden skillfully behind the boxes of vegetables but the inspectors were able to detect them and seize them. Falcons are typically used to assist in hunting birds

Al Rasheed pointed out all inspectors receive intensive training on how to detect and thwart different smuggling attempts no matter how sophisticated they are.
In the same vein, Hamad Kajour, Director of Hatta Border Crossing pointed out the Crossing dealt with 23,892 trucks loaded with different types of goods in the first half of 2021, with around 150 trucks daily on average.

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