Here’s why your home absolutely needs the LG OLED evo TV right away!

  • Publish date: Friday، 15 September 2023
Here’s why your home absolutely needs the LG OLED evo TV right away!

Raising the bar on the entertainment frontier and setting new standards for how content should be consumed, the LG OLED evo is the ultimate trailblazer of 2023! More than your average smart TV – the LG OLED evo is not just a visual delight that envelopes you with immersive sound but it also offers you an arsenal of advanced, AI-backed features that are here to welcome you into a bright new world.

Immerse yourself in spectacular, distraction-free visuals

Refined over a decade, the α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 is the heart of LG OLED evo, that reproduces breathtakingly realistic visuals. Plus, with AI Super Upscaling and OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, the LG OLED evo effectively removes noise, enhances faces and objects, brightens mid-tone areas, and adds detail, delivering an exceptionally immersive viewing experience that makes you feel like you're there.

Elevate your audio experiences with AI Sound Pro

Now, a surreal theatre-like experience is within your reach, right in your living room with LG OLED evo’s AI Sound Pro, which remasters sound to create the effect of 9.1.2 surround speakers. Sounds incredible? Well, it’s cinematic brilliance at its best.

But this isn’t where it stops – it also comes equipped with the WOW Orchestra feature, where the Smart TV and LG Soundbar work together to create a three-dimensional concert hall sound. 

Enjoy life-like image quality with self-lit pixels

Imagine a bigger, brighter viewing experience with zero dull backlight glow – with LG OLED evo’s TV, this is yours, daily. Witness the magic of infinite contrast with deep black hues enabled by the self-lit pixels of OLED panels, eliminating the need for a backlight. Top that with 100% Colour Fidelity & 100% Colour Volume, you are in to indulge in effortlessly rich, vibrant, and lifelike images every single time.

DR Expression Enhancer with precision in highlighting

Taking your viewing experience to whole new heights, the HDR Expression Enhancer applies individual tone mapping curves to objects, ensuring that the elements that matter most stand out sharply and expressively – with an effortless result of a vibrant, vivid display that captures every nuance of the content you’re watching. 

Effortless entertainment management with webOS 23 new home

The new hub that revolves around you is the webOS new 23 home, which curates movie recommendations, provides a snapshot of your favourite team's next games, and manages your notifications in one place - all tailored to your liking, exactly how it should be. Plus, it’s powered by the brilliant AI Picture Wizard and AI Concierge further enhancing your experience even more and taking it higher. 

Immersive gaming adventures await you

With the LG OLED evo, gaming enthusiasts can indulge in nail-biting gaming exploits with a blazing-fast 0.1ms response time, powered by the fantastic NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility and AMD FreeSync Premium. Plus, Sports Alert provides you with direct access to match schedules of your favourite teams – again personalized to the very last detail.

Bring the definitive trailblazer of the decade home

The LG OLED evo redefines your home entertainment dynamics in more ways than one, with sizes ranging from 48" to 83", it is here to welcome you to cinematically brilliant adventures, daily. Bring this gem close to you, and allow yourself to be entertained, like never before. 

Now’s the time to watch more, play more, and enjoy more, exclusively with LG OLED evo – your window to a bright new world. Let the evolution begin!

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