First Case Of Omicron Variant Reported In UAE

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 December 2021
First Case Of Omicron Variant Reported In UAE

After closing borders from all inbound flights from different African countries, UAE has reported the first Omiciron Variant case coming off from an individual that had arrived from an African country and was passing by the UAE, the patient however was already vaccinated.

It is not only UAE that reported the first Omicron case, but Saudi Arabia also did so on the same day on Wednesday, from a Saudi Arabian who was touring an African country, and even in California there was the first U.S identified case of Omicron variant despite that person being vaccinated.

While UAE did suspend inbound flights from 7 African countries to stop the spread of this variant on its' own lands, it did start from Monday 29th Nov, and this man had entered the country before the ban took effect.

We at Uaemoments wish for the health and safety of every Emirati or person living in UAE, it is very important to not panic, follow only trusted information from the WHO, and stay safe following all the guidelines.

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