HONOR Launches The World's Thinnest Outward Foldable Phone in China

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 20 September 2023
HONOR Launches The World's Thinnest Outward Foldable Phone in China

Global technology brand HONOR launched the world's thinnest outward foldable phone called the HONOR V Purse in Shanghai, China on Sep. 19.

The HONOR V Purse is just 8.6mm when folded and 4.33 mm when unfolded!

The phone has set a new record for being the world's thinnest foldable smartphone.

With this new smartphone, HONOR has created a product that various fashion-forward consumers will love!

The HONOR V Purse will feel as light as a bar smartphone, which offers users the versatility of a large folding screen without the hassle of carrying conventional foldables.

The smartphone's customizable always-on display (AOD) designs make this phone look like a chic designer purse.

The phone comes with interchangeable straps, which will allow users to carry their phones like a handbag!

Not only is the HONOR V Purse as beautiful and sleek as a designer clutch, but the phone is a cool photo studio, which can be used to take wonderful portraits.

The phone's two-in-one 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera adds versatility to the main camera and allows users to take very aesthetic shots!

The smartphone's screen remains bright and legible under the sunlight, so you can use your phone easily outside without searching for the shade.

For all those late-night readers, the HONOR V Purse's algorithmic optimizations allow the phone's display to be as dim as two nits, so readers can comfortably read and reduce eye fatigue.

The HONOR V Purse also has multi-tier screen protection to provide longer screen durability. 

The smartphone is also designed to withstand everyday wear and tear as well as 200,000 unfolds and unclasps.

With all these cool features, you're probably wondering what the battery life of the smartphone is. 

Well, the HONOR V Purse has two silicon-carbon batteries to provide a total of 4,500mAh in battery capacity, which helps users remain connected online all the time!

With HONOR's self-developed battery optimization solution, the HONOR V Purse can offer up to 8.7 hours of video playback, 10.6 hours of continuous article reading, or 16 hours of online music play with the 7.71-inch 2K display unfolded.

The HONOR V Purse is available in gold, blue, and black colors for pre-order in China for a starting price of MRB 5999 for the 16 GB and 256 GB models.

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