The UAE To Discuss Setting Up A Mars Colony

  • Publish date: Thursday، 27 May 2021
The UAE To Discuss Setting Up A Mars Colony

The UAE on Wednesday announced it will hold space-related discussions that will focus on increasing the number of female astronauts and setting up a Mars colony.

From October 17 to 23, talks will take place at Expo 2020 Dubai. The topics include plans to conquer the Red Planet, as well as other topics according to the UAE ambassador to the UN, Lana Nusseibeh.

“We will look at issues ranging from gender equality and space programmes to technology for living on Mars to remote sensing” for achieving UN sustainability targets, Ms Nusseibeh said.

“Space Week will serve to hash out critical governance questions, connect companies seeking partners and innovation, and inspire the public to creatively explore how space can better serve the common good.”

Ms Nusseibeh spoke at UN talks co-hosted by the UAE and Italy.

“We believe that harnessing the power of space really has the potential to open new avenues for tackling some of our greatest collective challenges,” she told the online gathering of diplomats and space company executives.

“But to do so, we must resist the temptation to close our doors, our networks and borders in pursuit of national advantage.”

Image Credit: AFP

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