Watch: Closer Look at Sharjah's Electric Sky-Pods

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Watch: Closer Look at Sharjah's Electric Sky-Pods
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The UAE’s first high-speed electric sky pod network in Sharjah carried its first passengers. The uSky Ucar transport pod is expected to last for over 100 years.

It is estimated that if a pod track was built between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the ride would last less than 20 minutes.

Longer tracks using super-strong string rail technology will have capacity to operate at up to 500kph, transporting cargo and passengers effortlessly between key points across cities.

“We don't need to build roads or demolish houses like when developing other infrastructure, so we can bring this transport system very close to people’s homes," said Oleg Zaretskiy, SkyWay Green Tech’s chief executive previously in a statement.

In Addition, the pods can carry up to 16 passengers at speeds of 93 mph (150 km/h) while larger carriages can carry up to 48 or 75 passengers at 310 mph (500 km/hWho wouldn't want to take a ride on these electric sky