How Can You Donate to Flood Victims in Libya?

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 13 September 2023
How Can You Donate to Flood Victims in Libya?

If you want to help the people of Libya who have been affected by the devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel, then here are some charities you can donate to.

Charities You Can Donate to for Libya:


UNICEF has organized an online donation campaign for Libya where you can donate once or monthly to help people during these difficult times.

Islamic Relief

This charity organization is based in the UK and they have also organized an online donation campaign titled 'Libya Floods Emergency Appeal'.

The organization will collaborate with local partners to provide food supplies, blankets, mattresses, and other important aid supplies to victims. 

Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands has also organized a 'Libya Floods Appeal', which requires a donation of a hundred pounds to provide an emergency food parcel and water for flood survivors. 

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has also organized an online emergency appeal to gather donations for people affected by the floods in Libya. 

Global Giving 

Global Giving is a non-profit organization that has organized a 'Libya Flood Relief Fund'.

Donations to this fund will be used to provide medicine, clean water, and food supplies to victims.

The funds will also be used to provide temporary shelter to those who have lost their homes as well as other vital aid.

Zakat Foundation of America

This foundation has created an online donation link for 'Libya Floods Response'. 

People can choose what kind of aid they want to donate, which includes medical supplies and hygiene kits, tent and floor mats, food pack for a family of five, and food pack for four families. 

One Nation 

One Nation has created a 'Libya Floods Emergency Appeal' on its website. 

You can donate fifty pounds for an emergency aid pack, which contains food, water, blankets, medical, and hygiene items. 

Penny Appeal

There is a charity link created for 'Libya Floods Emergency' where you can donate from fifty pounds to three hundred pounds for the flood victims in Libya. 

Image source: UNICEF website

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