How to Apply to UAE Golden Visa as a Journalist or Media

  • Publish date: Thursday، 11 August 2022
How to Apply to UAE Golden Visa as a Journalist or Media
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Do you wish to apply for the UAE golden visa as a Creative Specialist in Culture and Art, but you don't really know how? Here are the most important step to apply for the UAE golden visa. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions!

This program provides a (Golden Residency Visa) for specialist talents and researchers in many sectors of science and knowledge for a period of ten (10) years without a sponsor, renewable once (granted to applicant and his family member). 

Creative Specialists in Culture and Art:

Submit an approved reference letter from the emirate's Department of Culture and Arts.

Your requirements:

1. A letter of reference from the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. 

2. A duplicate of the sponsored passport.

Steps for applying online:

1. Download the GDRFA-Dubai application through the authorized stores: Apple store/Play store

2. Register a new user account (in case there is no account registered)

3. Select the required service

4. Attach the required documents

5. Pay the fees due for the service

6. Submit the request

Steps for applying in the AMER center:

1. Head to one of the service branches of the Amer Centers

2. Select the required service at the receptionist

3. Submit the required documents to the service employee

4. Checking documents

5. Pay the fees due for the service

6. Submit application

Missing documents:

If there are any missing documents you will be sent a text message or an email and the missing document must be submitted within 30 days otherwise the application will be cancelled.


This service costs AED 2790. 

Golden visa for ten years: 

Fees for Residency (2790 AED) 

The UAE id fees (1070 AED) 

Residency expenses (2280 AED) ID fees for a 5-year golden visa (575 AED)

For more informations please click here, and for any questions please call the government of dubai on this number 8005111

You will receive an email if your visa is approved or not.