Shaping The Future ... More Than 50 Doctors Recieved Golden UAE Visa

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 October 2021
Shaping The Future ... More Than 50 Doctors Recieved Golden UAE Visa

More than 500 Doctors Just Received their UAE Golden visas during a ceremony that was held virtually by the emirates' healthcare regulator, This move of acknowledgment came after the UAE has announced to commit to helping as well as strengthen the global talents they hold on their grounds, This honorable ceremony was held in the presence of the DoH leadership team.

More Golden Visas Coming Active Soon

After following a detailed selection process those golden visa recipients were selected and nominated accordingly to their talents, reputation as doctors, as well as of course the most important parts, performance in terms of medicine and their qualifications, DoH and ADRO, have announced more healthcare practitioners will be recognized with more doctors that will be shortlisted soon to receive golden visas all to Empower the UAE society and invest in a high-quality life for everyone, doctors are the number one reason why people feel healthy, and the efficiency of the medical sector does reflect how stable, secure and great that country is for people to live in.

This will open doors to other talented individuals to receive golden visas in the UAE for their amazing contribution in the past and their amazing contribution in the future as well.

The golden visa gives its holders the legibility to work-study and live in UAE with their families without a sponsor and goes up to 10 years, All Doctors living in the country are welcome to apply to the Golden Visa to benefit from it.

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