UAE Grants Golden Visa To Excellent High School Graduates

  • Publish date: Monday، 05 July 2021
UAE Grants Golden Visa To Excellent High School Graduates

The UAE announced the granting of a long-term residence visa, "Golden Visa" for ten years, to top high school graduates and their families.

This comes in appreciation of the efforts of outstanding students and their families, and within the framework of the UAE government's direction to create an attractive and encouraging environment for talented people, and to attract exceptional minds and talents to be permanent partners in the development process in the UAE, provided that applications for golden residency are submitted through the Emirates Foundation for School Education.

Golden residency is granted to outstanding students who have obtained an excellent grade or equivalent to at least 95% in the general secondary certificate, from public or private schools, as well as university students from inside or outside the country who have a cumulative average of no less than 3.75 or the equivalent, in specific scientific disciplines, while the scope of residence extends to include the students' families as well.

The Emirates Foundation for School Education announced the results of grade 12 students in all tracks, as students of grade 12 in public and private schools that apply the Ministry’s curriculum achieved advanced results in the end-of-school-year 2020/2021 test, and the general success rate in public and private schools that follow the curriculum reached The Ministry of Education is approximately 91%.

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