How To Eat Healthy Rather Than Focusing On The Scale?

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How To Eat Healthy Rather Than Focusing On The Scale?

This is what I am craving at 10 pm? Yes, believe it or not! A fresh Tuna salad with all delish organic fresh Ingredients,  savoring every taste.

I always loved salads naturally. Mediterranean diet is what I grew up on, couldn’t be more natural for us. To have fruits and vegetables every day. Fish 2-3x times a week, olive oil in everything, and lemons. My best friends for life.

How To Eat Healthy Rather Than Focusing On The Scale?

People always assume If you are overweight, have a little more fat, that you don’t eat healthily! Or If someone is skinny that they eat healthily. It is truly not always the case. Weight has a lot of other components to take into consideration and so many changes that the body goes through. So grateful that I keep learning about obesity medicine and management.  I see a lack of understanding,  even amongst some practitioners who still don’t understand the concept of obesity and linking it always to lack of self-care, whereas biology plays a big role.

Hence, how would you not lose weight if you eat salad? Well if your salad has 800 calories, how would someone lose weight? The choice of your macronutrients matters, no questions asked and we know scientifically the positive impact the Mediterranean diet has on our health and prevention of chronic diseases, but to drop those pounds, you must cut down on calories!!

The bottom line, train your palate to crave healthy to eat healthily, your number on the scale doesn’t define you and doesn’t say anything about your health choices. I have patients with overweight and eat healthier and make better choices than many with slim figures, who suffer from other chronic conditions and make poorer choices.

And I m not counting tonight, just enjoying my delicious Salad!

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    Lara Al-Dandachi is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Certified Diabetes Educator who provides care to patients in UCLA Health’s Gonda Diabetes Center in Westwood and Santa Monica, and coordinates the UCLA Gonda Diabetes Prevention Program, which was awarded full CDC recognition. She has 16 years of experience providing medical nutrition therapy as a RDN, and holds two board certifications in diabetes education: CDE and an advanced diabetes management certification, BC-ADM. She is fluent in Arabic and French.

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